Half Term Availability

8th May 2023

The weather is at last warming up and it’s time to think about an escape into the countryside. The view from our tents is at its most glorious at this time of year. The meadow is springing into life with grass seed heads waving in the breeze and flowers blooming. The birds seems to be singing their hearts out and we have sighted many mad spring hares rushing around!
Come and share the luxury interiors, the amazing views from the platform and a few days escape from ordinary life. Only and hour and half from London and 20 minutes from the A3 you can forgot queuing at ferry or air ports and relax.
We’ve even upgraded our water-heater system in Yellowhammer to take full advantage of the excess energy generated from our solar panels. It seems we might actually be seeing a return on years of investment in family members’ higher education! Don’t worry, you still have the fun of making a fire for your hot water – it just doesn’t take quite so long to get to temperature!